Thursday, October 15, 2020

The evangelizing function of the family

Calling upon everyone’s collaboration for the missionary work, I would like to address, first of all, the Christian families. Our time needs to reemphasize on the importance of the family, its vitality and its balance. This is true on a human level: family is the basic cell of society, the foundation of its deepest qualities. And this is also true for the Mystical Body of Christ, which is the Church; it is for this reason that the Council gave the family the beautiful title of “domestic Church” (Lumen Gentium, No 11). Therefore, the evangelization of the family constitutes the main objective of pastoral action and the latter, in turn, does not fully achieve its own goal if Christian families do not become evangelizers and missionaries: deepening personal spiritual awareness ensures that everyone, parents or children, has their own role and importance for the Christian life of all the other members of the family.

(Message of His Holiness John Paul II for World Mission Sunday, No 3, June 7, 1981.)