Sunday, October 25, 2020

The future of evangelization

World Mission Day is an opportunity for everyone to examine their conscience and to expose the doctrine of the Church to the People of God: indeed, the future of the world’s evangelization is at stake. If all Christians were convinced of their missionary duties, the difficulties would be less serious.

In this sense, what fills us with great hope is the multiplication throughout the world of small, dynamic and open Christian communities, who have understood their own responsibility for the proclamation of the Gospel, a pledge of promoting a better world.

Another phenomenon that pleases us and for which we must thank the Lord is the birth of a missionary movement in the young Churches which, from evangelized have become evangelizing. In many mission countries, the number of missionaries who leave in order to bring the evangelical message to non-

Christians, either in other regions of their country, or in other countries, or on other continents, increases every day. On each continent, there are currently missionaries from all over the world.

(Message of His Holiness John Paul II for World Mission Sunday, No 1, June 7, 1981.)