Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The holiness of the Christian family

Thus, missionary solicitude manifests itself as an essential element of the holiness of the Christian family. As my venerated predecessor John Paul I said: “Through family prayer, Ecclesia domestiqua becomes an effective reality and leads to the transformation of the world. And all the efforts of parents to fill their children with the love of God and to help them by the example of their faith constitute one of the most important apostolates of the 20th century. ”

On this occasion, I would like to recommend to all parents and Catholic educators an important work, which was established over a century ago (1843), to help them in the missionary education of their own children, and which provides them with the appropriate means. I am talking about the Holy Childhood Association, its purpose is to promote the spread of the missionary spirit among children.

(Message of His Holiness John Paul II for World Mission Sunday, No 3, June 7, 1981.)